5 simple Christmas gifting ideas

Christmas time is probably the period in a year when people give the most; whether to charity, exchanging gifts or simply giving love by spending time with family and friends. Of course the best gift to us from God being the birth of Christ. Everything about this season is so magical!

One of the fun things I enjoy doing this season is exchanging gifts on Boxing Day which half the time, the gifts don’t get to Boxing Day and we end up opening them on Christmas. It’s a great culture that was passed down to us since childhood and will hopefully be passed forward some more. It’s the excitement of opening the gifts together and having each person feel special that is heart-warming.

So I thought to highlight some tips that have been helpful to me when gifting this season. You could be buying a gift for a loved-one or even a surprise ‘Secret Santa’ exchange which is a style that has been adopted by many organizations.

1.Make a short list

List down a few things off the top of your head that the person you are gifting would like. After which, you could use elimination and finally pick what you would consider best in terms of quality and also availability. The gift may tell a lot about what you the think of the person you are gifting, so you may want to give it your best shot

     2.Some stalking/Ask a friend

Social Media has made stalking so easy. People share most of their lives, favourite activities or favourite things there. You could flip through and get an idea of what they like. Alternatively, ask a close a friend of theirs for their help and you definitely won’t go wrong

                                                                                                                                                                 3.Get something long-life

The best gift is one that a person will forever look at and remember you. Therefore, better to buy something durable than a one-off. However, the gift can come with some chocolate on the side to create an even better memory. A card would also be a good idea because you could personalize it by writing your own words on it which will last forever.

4.Creative package/personalize

Simplicity is golden. Having said that, ensure the gift you finally settle on is packed so well (the supermarket attendants do a very good job). A gift packaged well makes it ten times better. You could personalize it by adding a note, a card or having it hand-delivered which would be a good surprise.

5.Movie tickets/book voucher

You may choose to also gift them a pair of movie tickets, probably a movie you know they would really enjoy on big screen. Also, another option is get them a book voucher to get a book of their choice, you could never go wrong with a book!


Thanking God for yet another beautiful Christmas season.




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