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Silvia's Golden Christmas

Silvia Njoki is an award-winning fashion blogger who travels the world to share her exquisite talent in fashion and design. We caught up with her to get to know what her Christmas Holiday looks like and of course a few special tips

Maggie's baby-weight loss story

In early 2016, a bout of nausea and fatigue resulted into the best news I've ever received; I was going to become a mom.
I remember feeling all sorts of feelings- ...

The Future is here! -iPhone X (ten)

This past Friday, we were introduced to the latest member of the Apple family, iPhone X (ten) during the beautiful launch held at Sankara Hotel, Nairobi. The future smartphone which features the first ever OLED screen, rises to the standards of iPhone and elevates the handlers’ ...

5 simple Christmas gifting ideas

Christmas time is probably the period in a year when people give the most; whether to charity, exchanging gifts or simply giving love by spending time with family and friends. Of course the best gift to us from God being the birth of Christ. Everything about this season ...