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Unchecked Boxes

There is something magical about the December holiday season. Maybe it is the optimism for the endless possibilities that the coming year holds, or the big sigh that comes after a year-long tiresome hustle— heck, it could just be a feeling of fulfillment from a year of productive ...

Slaps for Christmas

“Guys, anything and everything we become is really totally up to us. It’s all in our decisions.” This was Alex’s last minute motivation before the fireworks would light up the skies ushering in 2017. The year that was meant to be our year. The year that we all ...

'Tis the season for self-loving

It’s coming up to 365 days since I commissioned my list of resolutions. Like several years before, I haven’t checked off more than a half of the things I was supposed to do to make me ‘the ideal person’. I suspect this must be the case with most ...

Silvia's Golden Christmas

Silvia Njoki is an award-winning fashion blogger who travels the world to share her exquisite talent in fashion and design. We caught up with her to get to know what her Christmas Holiday looks like and of course a few special tips