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I’m craving for a very tasty meal…how can I get it home?

I believe we are all foodies of some sort- no matter the size of your appetite, I’m pretty sure there is that delicious meal which tickles your fancy and you’d give up all others just to have it. Thank God for TV and internet whereby we don’t only get to hear of good food but we also see it…and when you see it you know you want it!

Sometimes you run out of ideas on what to cook and especially when you get tired of having the same thing over and over: get a tip or two from some of the most creative food blogs I have ever come across…

Miss Mandi Throwdown (by Mandi) – Kenyan Cuisine

This is among the top popular food blogs in Kenya which provides you with easy-to-do recipes to spruce up your meals. When you take a peak, you’ll see the ingredients are pretty basic and you probably already stock them in your kitchen. Other than that, they are easily available, allowing you to make your stews, curries and salads any time you want. She keeps it simple and sumptuous.

Americulinariska (by Kendra) – American/Sweden Cuisine

This blog is among the best when it comes to use of videos. As she promotes self-cooking, she lures you into her colourful food world of cooking by displaying clips of every step she takes during preparation and serving. Being an American who lives in Sweden, she displays the important aspect of assortment in order to cater for everyone’s tastebuds.

Pastry Affair (by Kristin Rosenau)

All the sweet-toothed ladies and gents out there, this blog is a deal for you; bringing out a wonderful blend for desert ideas, both pastry and fruit. She blends different colours and textures of the sweet stuff and presents them in a very alluring way. Having lived in three different countries, the blogger admits it is fun to venture into new recipes full of sweetness, giving people a reason to smile.

Two Red Bowls (by Cynthia C) – Asian/Southern Cuisine

This blog focuses mainly on Asian and Southern cuisine and the beauty of preparing different kinds of food. She prepares the whole package of Asian food from soups, to vegetables and different types of sea-food: and displays them in a very creative way, from fancy flat porcelain plates to tiny wooden bowls, making every kind of person feel like they could achieve the perfect meal even in their small kitchen.


Don’t forget to Decorate

I always recognize, food is an ART, how you present it is so important, it can either lead one’s appetite on ten times over or throw it off altogether! I insist on creativity in everything; so after food is served, add some colour on that plate with a red tomato, a slice of carrot, a teaspoon of mayonnaise or a twig of dhania!

Food channels and Cook books

Food channels and cook books also come in very handy and you can pick up a thing or two as you prepare your meal.

I may have left out a couple of places where we could get good + affordable recipes, please share with us…



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