We're Celebrating One Year with Style (Stock-take 3)

Celebrating- One year and 1month this blog! So happy that we’ve made it to one year and more views on the blog posts, I’m grateful to all of you and I thank God.

Eating wish I was eating- I recently discovered very tasty beef samosas from Chandarana Supermarket at ABC…I wish I was eating them now

 Drinking – A mug of homemade dawa, just lemon, honey and hot water

Embracing- New ideas and revisiting old ones which may not have come to light. I knew days were flying when a few days ago, I heard my colleagues discuss the World Cup dates...didn’t the previous one just happen the other day?

Reading- Trevor Noah’s Born A Crime, so much satire, I’m really enjoying this one. Noah talks about events of his life when he was just a young boy in South Africa; he is so open and real about it. One of the funniest parts is when he describes how his mother would literally chase him down the street screaming just to catch up and spank him properly…but let me not ruin it for you, grab a copy online.

New venture- Excited to be doing some dancing, it’s so therapeutic and fun.

Wearing- My Destiny fragrance by Oriflame it’s so bold and edgy, also my new deep purple matte lipstick.

Smiling at: The thought of how exactly do people celebrate one year? Then I just remembered the typical Kenyan way, when a child turns one he/she is thrown for a party but in the real sense it’s actually the grown ups who are enjoying the party, yes? But oh well, I guess no one is complaining.

Doing: More planning and practising consistency.

Conquering: My personal space, I’m just trying to get into some healthy routines especially in the morning.

Dreaming of: Still, living my life to the fullest 100%, as well as growth and success in everything I do and most importantly loving it while I’m at it, oh and traveling!

Following: These 2 great ministers who are preaching on their online platforms, @sarajakesroberts and @stevenfurtick they are so inspiring, of course there are so many more others as well but these two are my faves.

Watching: The funniest YouTube video by Alpha Beta explaining their top 5 nanny drama, never laughed so hard in a while, you could check it out here. Also, more of YouTube than actual TV in the evenings, not only can you find information about almost anything you’re looking for but there are so many options! Well I wish everyone used social media for positive purposes only.

Loving: Insta Stories, anyone who is following @sharonsnotebook on Instagram knows I have some video series to share every Tue/Wed. Also loving Beckham’s insta stories, a blend of cute family moments and some lovely restaurants/food. I’m also following some bloggers I’ve discovered with great content.

Learning and discovering: That there are so many entrepreneurs and budding start-ups, I recently met a young lady who is manufacturing her own natural hair and skin brand, the story behind it is amazing! I'm so challenged!

Thankful for: Wonderful family and friends of whom I love and share so much with.

 Looking forward to: the next few months, hoping I get to do all that’s on my list! Also, World Cup maybe just for the hype.

Wondering: How long it would take me if I were to learn two more languages?

Bucket list: It’s still surfing, yes I have to try out that bad boy soon!

Admiring: The growth of online content creation and generally social media as a career. More people are actually earning a living through the art industry in general and this is so good. Also, South African fashion blogger @mihlalii_n creatively stylish woman!


Make hay while the sun shines!






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