Maggie's baby-weight loss story

In early 2016, a bout of nausea and fatigue resulted into the best news I've ever received; I was going to become a mom. 
I remember feeling all sorts of feelings- joy, thrill, fear. Joy because I was going to bring another human being into this world, thrill because from what I had heard, pregnancy and child birth was no joke and fear of the unknown. 
Then there were societal expectations, my goodness! Hollywood mums were carrying pregnancies weightlessly, losing the weight in no time, not a single streak of stretch mark and life was good - if social media posts and online news portals are anything to by.
I remember being in awe of Gossip Girl Star and one of my favorite Idols Blake Lively who was pregnant around the same time. There were others too- Kerry Washington and Maroon 5's Adam Levine's wife Behati Prinsloo. They all had their babies and bodies snapped back!
After I gave birth to my son, I was honestly wondering if I'd ever get my body back. But the more I bonded with my son, the more the baby weight pressures made less sense- I wasn't a mega rich Hollywood star, I had no idea what I was doing and above all, I have just popped a baby.
So I became graceful to my body. Appreciated it and breastfed like crazy. I read a lot and sought advise from mums I admired and you know what, slowly by slowly, the kilos started falling off. Today, I am 2 kgs shy of what I weighed before I gave birth to my boy a year ago, having 
cumulatively lost 16kgs.
My lessons? 
1. Water is Bae 
Whether you're breastfeeding or just looking to lose weight, water is a must. If you don't like it, trick yourself by adding lemons, or drinking green tea. Just drink as much water as you can. 
2. Food portions are everything 
Regardless of whether you've just had a baby or not, watch your portions. There's a tendency for new moms to overeat because they're 'eating for 2' but no, don't over do it. Breastmilk flow has more to do with your fluids intake than the many plates they tell you to eat. 
3. Exercise 
Even if you sleep at the gym, the rule is simple 70% what you eat and 30 % how you exercise. So apart from just eating right, get Busy. Stand if you can't walk. Walk if you can't jog. Jog if you can't run. Run if you can't swim. Or what's best? Do all the above. Even the slightest exercise will do you good. 
4. Rely on what works 
They will tell you about slimming teas, magical belts and so on, but the truth is, a bad meal and unhealthy habits won't be worked out by some 'tea'. That may only work if you're putting in the rest of the work. For new mums especially, take caution on what you put into your body, remember your priorities (read baby!)
5. Consistency 
If you are consistent in doing the above, don't overdo things and remain graceful to your body, the kilos will fall off. But remember, going to the gym today won't help, neither will it help if you go tomorrow, it will help when you make it a habit and are consistent. Same goes for food, a good meal today followed by 16 other bad meals won't help. 
Ps: this is what worked for me and keeps working for me. I'm no expert though, take caution before you begin a new routine, especially if you're a new mom- baby over everything!
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