My Favourite Christmas Gift Collection

Happy Christmas Shopping! Obviously, this season should be nothing short of good food, great vibes, a wonderful time with loved ones and also, who doesn’t like to be spoilt a little right? As much as we may have gone through some tough times this year and some good times too, this season should not mean we leave everything behind but should remind us that we were given the greatest gift by God, the perfect reason to celebrate.

If I remember well my first ever Christmas gift was a black and white spotted doll (I like to think it was a Dalmatian) and I held it so dear over the years and similarly today, I'd like to share with you some ideas of items that you'd not only cherish but they'll last a lifetime.

Out of a long list, these are my favourites because I think they are generally fit for all and are available in many different places (which I have mentioned). So In case you are wondering what gifts to buy for your loved ones, I think I have you covered for almost all age groups, budgets and tastes.

1. Basket/Kiondoo
Guys you know these are not only trendy but will never run out of fashion. A wonderful chic option for your mum, sister or girlfriend! They are available in different sizes and colours or you could even have it custom made by a good fundi.
Where to buy: Kariokor Market in Nairobi from Kes 1,800/- upwards

2. Photoshoot/ Painting
When was the last time you had a family photo shoot or better yet a painting? It would make such wonderful gift which would last forever. If you’re not a big fan of photo shoots, I promise you you may change your mind if you get a really good photographer. For a painted portrait, most artists are able to work with a photo of you, later you could frame and hang the painting in your home.
Where to buy: Photography - @sunafricanstudios (Instagram) from 3,500/- for 10 photos
Painting portrait - @jimmycurtisiv (Instagram)

3. Custom made/engraved items (bags, shukas, toys for children)
Adding a personal touch to a gift is always a great idea, for example adding their name or their favourite phrase on it. I just discovered some lovely quality Kenyan-made bags by Tedd Josiah on Instagram, they are amazing! Also, recently watched a local YouTube video where a vlogger bought her child a skate board and had it engraved with his name in graffiti, how cool is that!
Where to buy: Check out @teddjosiah (Instagram) price depends on bag

                                   Local fundi, charges vary in different places

4. Christmas music collection
My favourite Christmas Collections are from John Legend, Mariah Carey and several Gospel artists. It would make a great gift to compile some of these colections in a flash disk or CD and gift it. It could be played at home or in the car and you are sure this music never gets old. Another lovely way is to compile a collection of photos of Christmas periods over the past years.

Where to buy: you could buy a flash and easly do it yourself

5. Amazing indoor treats and group travels 

Just like the good old days when chapatis was a must! Indoor treats range from good food to indoor games like scrabble and getting to know each other’s friends’ circles. Of course travelling cannot be ruled out, group travels are always cheaper and much more fun. Ultimately, spending time with each other and taking time to be thankful for how far we’ve come!

Merry Christmas!



PHOTOS BY: Rhaul & Rawpixel


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