The Best of Kenyan hand-made Bags

When you think about those essential items you'll always need in life, (apart from basic needs) what comes to mind? In my case, a bag is definitely at the top of my list. When I think about it, it really makes sense when they say life is a journey; because apart from carrying memories, a journey always requires you to carry essential items every now and then clothes, food, money and the list goes on. What better way to carry them than in a beautiful bag! Here is why I'm excited to share about Zigo Bags.

Zigo Bags (@zigobags) is a Kenyan brand and they have introduced some beautiful bags with an African touch which are so lovely! The bags are made from good quality canvas with some Kitenge fabric, a very high density zip and a fine touch of edgy, classy and unique.

The unique bit comes from the fact that you get to design your own bag! (high five to that) Zigo Bags offers you a range of fabrics which you get to not only choose the colour/design you want, but also where and how you want it placed on your bag. It only takes 5 days to design a bag, which gives them adequate time to come up with just the perfect bag for you and deliver it to your doorstep.

Check out some of their best designs and reach out to them on their Social Media handles listed below the images.

Bags available: Baby bags, school bags, laptop bags, travel bags, hand luggage, toiletry bags, handbags (plus your dream bag)

Contact zigo bags: FB: @zigobags IG: @zigobags





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