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Describe Paris in a sentence

Paris, I can say is one of the cities with most famous monuments, museums and luxury shopping hubs. Looking around you’ll see that every street and every boulevard, is its own special form of art. The sparkling street lights are so beautiful, you could almost bet they were visible from out of space. The streets are full of life- the cafés and people drinking, laughing and singing. All I can say is, Paris is arguably the hottest spot in the universe.

  Lovers’ City

Adored by honeymooners and lovers, Paris is built on romance and not just that of the physical kind, but the architecture, the history, the boulevards and the parks. It's the romance of sitting near the fountain listening to the sound of water, or a shadowy jazz club open all night. Whether you visit Paris with a loved one or not, you’ll be drawn into the romance of the city.

The architecture and art of the building will make you feel connected to people from 2,000 years ago in such a wonderful way. It’s also easy to see that fashion was born and raised here, style and beauty is worshipped like gods and shopping is nothing less than a form of art. Almost everything here, from the world's most expensive dresses to kitchen appliances, is astoundingly stylish.

Eiffel Tower goodness

One of the features I was dying to see the most was the Eiffel tower so it was number one on my to-do-list. On the first day, as I was walking at the feet of the tower I felt like it was shorter than I expected but on the second day when I saw it from another angle, I was amazed, the tower WAS actually really tall. (as you can see from the photosJ) The famous birds flying around this area made the place even more amazing, I wanted to stay there all day!


The biggest library in the world?

One of the biggest libraries in the world, The Francios Mitterand Library was once a train station! Imagine that! How picture perfect is it?


       3 places we must visit in Paris?

-Eiffel Tower

-Arch de triomphe

-Sacre coeur

-The hilltop basilica

These areas are so rich in history and have so much to explore


                How many countries have you travelled to?

I have traveled to almost 15 countries so far and to more than 20 cities


   Give us some travelling tips?

 -Have a to-do list from the first minute you step your feet on where u are going

-Google some “must see places” and make sure to include them in your to-do list

Explore! I love exploring, then shopping later! 

If you want to find yourself again, please go see the Eiffel tower. It’s like it transmits to you a certain energy. The more you stare the more that energy is transmitted into your system. Needless to say, I found myself again in Paris.

Story By: Halima Shwayb

PHOTOS: Halima Shwayb





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